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If you are looking for a local osteopath in Chatham Kent, at Princes Avenue Osteopathic Clinic in Chatham, you will find a team of caring professionals who can help you achieve better health.




The benefits of osteopathy are vast and we can treat everyone from babies, to people with sports injuries to the elderly on a wide range of issues.


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Jean Hopkins started building this Osteopathic clinic in 1992. At that time it was at a different location in Walderslade. In January 2000 the clinic changed location to its present address in Princes Avenue Walderslade, Chatham, Kent. In 2004 it was given the name Princes Avenue Osteopathic Clinic. During this time we have helped patients of all ages manage all kinds of medical conditions. We are registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) and carry full insurance, so you can trust you are in safe hands.

Our professional team of registered osteopaths, Jean Hopkins and Philip Wise, can help:


Many problems such as nerve impingement (trapped nerves), poor posture or muscle spasm give us lower back pain and leg pain.


Of course, we may discover from the case history and examination that the patient's leg pain is coming from a hip, groin, knee or foot problem. Muscle spasm, ligament strain, disc injuries and degenerative conditions such as arthritis are also common causes of lower back pain which can be helped by Osteopathy.


If you already know you have arthritis in your spine and would like some more information on your arthritis try the Arthritis Care charity website.


Sciatica is pain travelling down the pathway of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve leaves the spinal column at the base of the lower back. It travels across the pelvis and down the back of the leg to the foot.


If the sciatic nerve gets trapped it can give severe pain and sometimes paraesthesia (pins and needles), anaesthesia (numbness) or weakness of the leg and the condition is called sciatica.


The sciatica can occur when the nerve is trapped in the lower back, sacroiliac joint dysfunction or by muscle spasm in the buttocks etc.


These problems are frequently seen in the clinic and the symptoms can usually be alleviated. Sciatica can be helped by specific sciatica exercises which the Osteopath can show you. Some of these exercises are on our 'Back Exercises' page.


If the Sciatica occurred from a more serious causes, disc prolapse or spondylolisthesis etc, we would refer the patient back to their doctor. You may find information on the back care website helpful.

There are many types and causes of headache. Osteopathy can help relieve headaches arising from the neck.sore neck

If muscles are being overworked in the neck maybe from poor posture at work they will become painful, or maybe it was a minor movement that locked up the neck.

The shoulders, elbows and wrists are suceptable to many problems, you may have developed a tendinitis or a frozen shoulder or you may have arm pain as a result of associated musculoskeletal conditions of the back and neck.

Even active 'healthy' people can need Osteopathic treatment if they have got a sports injury.

Pregnancy does not stop us getting injuries and pain. Reasearchers claim that more than two thirds of patients get some form of low back pain or pelvic pain during their pregnancy. Osteopathy is a safe and efficient way of dealing with mechanical pain during pregnancy.osteopathy-chatham-lower-back-pain

When you have had your baby Osteopathy can help him/her get through problems that are leading to screaming, crying, restless unhappy babies.

Our organs require to be supported properly and get a good blood and nerve supply for them to work well and not give pain, bloating, flatulance etc. They respond well to Osteopahy to help clear digestive disorders.


Opening Hours


We are open Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 7.30 pm on Monday, wednesday and Friday and to 5pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Please book evening appointments prior to 4 pm. We offer customer parking and wheelchair friendly access.

Don’t suffer with aches, pains or injuries – book to see an osteopath  today. Call us on 01634 681138.