Gardening Tips



gardening-tipsTips to protect you from gardening injuries :

The weekend can be the time when many people resolve to tidy the garden or get some DIY done around the house. The garden has turned from brown to green, mainly with  weeds needing to be pulled out and the lawn needing to be cut. Do not try to get everything  done on the first day, gardening is like any other exercise, you should start with a little and build up. Do the easiest task first this should be seen as a warm up before some of the heavier jobs.

If you are pruning get as close to the plant as possible and try to face the part to be pruned . Ligaments and muscles can strain if you twist and reach too much—long handled sharp secateurs will make the job easier.
When planting and potting avoid bending, kneel if you can and sit at a table to pot on your seedlings.

Try to spend no more than 20-30 minutes on any one task and split up jobs into those at ground level, those at waist level and those jobs above the head alternating them to avoid over tiring one group of muscles.

Digging can be very strenuous and a good workout but reduce the amount of bending and twisting as well as alternating the foot that drives the spade into the soil. If you are a lady a smaller lighter spade or fork will be less tiring.
Rake leaves etc with  short  movements.

The best tip of all is to take a break from the gardening, sit down and enjoy your flowers.


If you have overdone things tired muscles relax with heat so a soak in the bath and garden-osteopathy-tipsrest should solve the problem. If you have done something more serious and the area has become inflammed applying a cold compress will help. If it has not improved or has got worse the next day seek further treatment from your doctor or your Osteopath.