Tennis Tips

tennis playerTips to prevent tennis injuries


Before you start your game of tennis have a general warm up by jogging roud the court 3 or 4 times, very slowly to start with and increasing the pace by the end.


Tips to avoid tennis elbow:

  • Do not grip the racquet too hard, or for too long.
  • Make sure the racquet handle is the correct size for your hand – you will grip harder if it is too small.
  • At the start of the tennis season build up gradually having first warmed up the muscles then take regular breaks during the game and stretch the muscles doing wrist exercises (policeman halting traffic movement and limp wrist movements)
  • If you are in discomfort after the game rest the elbow and apply a cold pack.
  • If you have developed tennis elbow contact your Osteopath for further treatment to alleviate the pain and rehabilitate the muscles and tendons.


Tips to avoid shoulder injuries:

  • Increase the amount of training or the time spent playing gradually so the muscles have time to adapt to the increased work load.
  • If you are in some discomfort apply a cold pack to the shoulder.
  • If the problem persists seek Osteopathic treatment to restore flexibility to the shoulder and stabilise the shoulder with an exercise programme.


Tips to avoid calf strain:

  • Do warm-up exercises before playing
  • Ensure you are properly hydrated before and during the match.
  • The muscle needs energy to work well so eat carbohydrates before and during the match.
  • If the muscle has strained try to apply ice (not directly to the skin) as quickly as possible as well as rest, compression and elevation.
  • Once the muscle has healed scar tissue may hinder complete recovery. Your Osteopath can help with this allowing the muscle to return to full function.


Tips to avoid back pain:

  • Maintain good flexibility in the spine
  • Strengthen your core stability muscles
  • Do warm-up exercises for your back, back bending. Twisting and side bending the back.
  • Check with a tennis coach that you are not overloading your back during the tennis serve.
  • If your back muscles do go into spasm apply heat if the muscles have spasmed due to an injury though it would be better to apply cold.
  • Click the link for more information about tennis injuries.