Rounded Shoulder Posture correction

An Exercise to Stretch the Front of the Shoulders.

The muscles at the front of the shoulder, chest area can sometimes tighten or shorten.

They can pull the shoulders forward causing a round shouldered posture.

This posture can lead to neck, shoulder and back pain.

The muscles that can do this are the pectoral muscles.

An exercise to stretch the pectoral muscle is :


the open doorway stretch

Place the forearms flat against the door facings and step forward through the door.

Ensure you are not gripping the door frame as this will hinder the relaxation of the muscle which is needed for the exercise to be effective.

Step one leg forward and bend the knee as if you are doing a small lunge.

Keep looking straight ahead, avoiding the craning of the neck or looking down.

Lean the body forwards putting a stretch across the front of the chest.

Stretch as far as comfortable tension not pain then hold for a few seconds.

Hopefully you will feel a gradual release allowing you to stretch forwards a little more.

Rest for a couple of breathes then repeat.

The position of the fore arms is adjusted to put a stretch on different parts of the muscle.

The first arm position should have the hands level with the head (picture 1), the second position is with the hands just above the level of the top of the head (picture 2) and the last position is with the hands higher so that the elbows are level with the head (picture 3).


anterior shoulder stretch part 1    anterior shoulder stretch part 2    anterior shoulder stretch part 3