Shoulder Exercises

With any shoulder rehabilitation program it is good to start with strengthening the muscles that stabilise the shoulder and provide a solid support for the other shoulder muscles to work from.


With all these exercises aim to complete 30 repetitions even if you have to lower the resistance (remove the weight) in order to do so.


The more frequently you can do the exercises throughout the day the better.


Do each exercise on both arms.


Remember you should only get fatigue with the exercise not pain.



1.Protraction and retraction.


Hold your arm out in front of you or lean forwards and put your arm out towards the floor.


Reach your arm forwards, your shoulder blade moves away from the spine.


Then pull your arm back towards your body keeping the arm straight. The shoulder blade will move towards the spine.


A weighted cuff can be worn or hold a small weight.


Pictures showing the start position for exercise 1 , protraction and retraction. 


shoulder exexercise shoulder protraction shoulder retraction


2.Empty can position


empty can exercise

Hold arm out to the side at 90 degrees.with the thumb facing the floor.

Wear a weighted cuff or hold a small weight. Hold for 30 seconds.










A rowing machine can be used or lean forwards with a weight in the hand. Point the hand to the floor then pull the hand up to the shoulder in a rowing action. Hold a baton or wear a weighted cuff.


start position for rowing













4.Push ups.


Depending on your strength push up plus for men:start position for push up

Get down on all fours and place your hands on thefloor so that they're slightly wider than you shoulders and your shoulders are vertically above your hands.


Your body should form a straight line form your ankles to your head.


Brace your abdominals, as if you were about to bepunched in the gut, and hold them that way for the duration of this exercise.


Lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor. Pause, then push yourself back to the starting position as quickly as possible.


Once your arms are straight again, push your upperpush up plus back toward the ceiling. The movement is very slight;you’ll only rise up another couple of inches,(I have exaggerated the position in the photo to demonstratethe position).


This exercise is hard for most people just do a few good push ups rather than lots of poor push ups.


For an easier version rest on your knees instead of

your feet so you only take your upper body weight

when you dip down.


5.Press up from up

Sit on a chair with hands flat on the seat at your side.


Lift your body off the chair then lower back onto the chair.