Motion and life intertwined 

For Osteopaths the assessment of quality of motion is equivalent to the assessment of that person's quality of life.flowing water

Poor movement stops that person physically living their life to their full potential, but also stops their body systems functioning optimally. This in turn compromises health and immunity.

Motion is a character of life whether it is a joint moving, a muscle twitching, blood flowing or an electrical current travelling along a nerve.

Motion is life.


An osteopathy aims to improve quality of motion throughout the body restoring health and vitality not just getting that person free of pain.


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The rule of the artery is supremea t still

One of the keys to good health is blood flow.

The tissues of the body receive their nutrition and oxygenation from the blood, this is for every cell in every part of the body.

Micro circulation is important for tissue function and immunity.

Drainage must not be forgotten; the blood and lymphatic system are the waste removal system and without that the correct chemical balance for health is not maintained.

The founder of Osteopathy recognised the significance of a good blood flow through the tissues and is responsible for the osteopathic tenet "The rule of the artery is supreme"

When osteopaths carry out a treatment, they consider the patient as a whole, much of the articulation massage and pumping techniques will be stimulating the improvement of the circulation.

Good communication

Communication is essential in all kinds of ways. Apart from avoiding that misunderstanding between people it is also vital to our health.

There are many diverse methods of communication in the body, some of which are still being investigated and discovered.

Osteopaths consider restrictions to movement to have a negative impact on these communication channels, be it mechanical, neural or chemical.

By restoring mobility back into the tissues by osteopathic treatment the body will naturally reorient itself towards better function and health.

Once communication is improved integration within the body enables the system to work as a whole much better.

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