You may be fitter than you think.

Do you try to be healthy and keep fit, exercising, sensible diet and getting enough sleep, but the mirror and scales suggest you are not making any progress?

Don't despair, you could be fitter than you think.scales

Use some other easy checks on your health instead of relying on the scales and your mirror.

Check your heart rate in the morning [most accurate time]. If you are in good physical shape you will have a lower heart rate as your heart pumps more efficiently and stronger.

A normal heart rate is between 60 – 100 beats per minute.

A higher number might suggest high blood pressure or heart disease.

Another check is how you compare with others. Can you keep up with friends when walking, jogging or going up stairs. If you can't or your breathing is very heavy you may be out of shape.

Recovery time after exercise is a good indicator of your fitness.

Exercise increases the heart rate; a sign of fitness is a fast return to normal heart rate after exercise.

Check the heart rate straight after your workout then check each minute until the rate has returned to your normal.

If it returns in 5 minutes or less your fitness is good.

Regular exercise is important. You do not have to workout daily but aim for 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week a week.

That's 30 minutes 5 times a week, or you could do 25 mins of high intensity exercise 3 times a week.

Don't forget the daily exercise you get such as the parent that pushes a pram, carries their child and plays with them, or the times you choose to use the stairs instead of the lift, this all counts towards your weekly exercise.

Lastly, try to vary your exercise. You will get more out of exercise if your body has not got used to it. Keep different muscles exercised and keep challenging the body.

McKevitt study on breathlessness doing everyday tasks.

Seeing the athletes at the commonwealth games at the peak of fitness makes it all the more important to share this article from the Independent news about the health of the population and the potential lung disease that should not be ignored. staires

This is the article written by Grant Bailey - The Independent - 05 April 2018

'Three in 10 people are left gasping for air after walking up a flight of stairs, a survey has found.

Researchers found the average adult will feel breathless six times a week, often as a result of "light to moderate" exercise. Four in 10 have had to catch their breath after running for a bus while one quarter get out of breath during sex.

Nearly one in 10 struggle to pick something up off the floor without needing to catch their breath afterwards, while more than a fifth of employees admitted to feeling light-headed during the course of a workday, when the pressure and stress became too much.

"It's worrying that so many people found themselves out of breath performing simple actions," said Mike McKevitt, Director of Patient Services for the British Lung Foundation, which commissioned the study. "Breathlessness doing everyday tasks could be a symptom of lung disease and is something that shouldn't be ignored.

"There are many people in the UK who may have a lung disease but do not have a diagnosis. Even though more than four in 10 people think they're fit and healthy, you can see from the results this may not be the case. If you're breathless doing every day tasks that's not right.Lung health is so important to our overall wellbeing."


The study, of 2,000 adults, found more than 25 per cent exercise less than once a week, with just one quarter saying they would be comfortable to play a game of football or netball at their current level of fitness.

Worryingly, a third of the population say they would not be able to run a mile "if their life depended on it."

After running out of breath, it takes an average of 38 seconds to get it back – with one in 20 adults needing more than two minutes to collect themselves.

While 44 per cent of respondents believed their current level of fitness has a negative impact on their lives, there are myriad excuses as to why they haven't done anything about it.

Fifteen per cent say they have an injury that stops them from doing any exercise and the same amount said they were always too tired to work out.

And a tenth enjoy a sedentary life too much to get up and do some exercise to improve their lung health.

McKevitt added: "We shouldn't be getting out of breath when playing with our children.'' That's a warning sign that you should think seriously about getting advice.

"No matter your circumstances, it's possible to make yourself a little bit fitter and your lungs a little bit healthier.''

"Small changes like walking up the stairs rather than taking the lift or getting off the bus a stop early can make a real difference."

 Holiday Activityspring cleaning


If you have some time off over Easter you may be temped to start some spring cleaning or maybe you are decorating. 


If you have decided to get busy with tasks that require alot of bending, twisting and lifting it will be good exercise for your back but take care.


Many back injuries occur when poeple have been sedentry over the winter months then get straight back into strenuous activity.


Follow my tips on correct lifting and stop and rest if you feel your back twinging.


If you are experiencing pain contact us at Princes Avenue Osteopathic clinic and make an appointment.

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