Pain in the arm and legsciatic pain

If pain is traveling down the arm or leg it could be caused by a problem elsewhere.  


The limb pain could be from and injury or disease in that limb. For example if the ankle was sprained your ankle ligaments would give you ankle pain.


Some joint problems will send pain to other areas. For example the hip joint can send pain into the groin or down the leg.


If a spinal segment, [vertebra] is not moving properly or is diseased pain can be felt where the nerves from that segment supply, for example the 3rd lumbar vertebra can cause pain at the knee or in the front of the leg. 


This type of pain is called refered pain.

If the nerve from the 3rd lumbar segment was squeezed this would be an example of nerve root pain.

This sort of pain can be different and cause other symptoms as well. 


Your Osteopath will ask you questions about you pain and do various tests to determin the cause of your pain. 


It would not be effective to treat the knee if the knee pain was due to a problem at the 3rd lumba vertera.



Talk to us or make an appointment at Princes Avenue Osteopathic clinic if you are in pain. We will assess what the problem is and if we can treat it using Osteopathy.

Correct lifting

heavy load

Straining and injuring the back can occurr from lifting something that is too heavy, or making a twist movement whilst you are lifting the load, or by using a poor lifting technique and trying to rely on muscles that have become weak.


Try to avoid these injuries by following simple lifting techniques that keep the back safe and maintain a good muscle tone and strength. Make multiple lighter lifts instead of one heavy lift if you are not sure about lifting a heavy load.


If this advise comes too late and you have back pain please call Princes Avenue Osteopathic practise to make an appointment. 

What am I?skeleton sitting


I have 206 of them,


54 are in my hand and wrist,


26 are in my foot, and my smallest one is in my ear,


what am I?

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