Piriformis Syndrome

Hip and buttock pain


There can be many causes of a painful site.Piriformis


Many patients present with buttock and leg pain.

This could be due to vertebral restrictions, disc problems, nerve root pain, pelvic dysfunction, inflammation of the pelvic joints, sciatica, bursitis of the hip or a muscle spasm.

One such muscle that can cause this sort of pain is a muscle that turns the hip out.

It is called the piriformis muscle.

It travels from the sacrum, the bone at the base of the spine, across the pelvis to the hip.

The sciatic nerve travels through the pelvis and passes by the piriformis muscle.

If the muscle is traumatised, either by injury or overuse you may develop piriformis syndrome.

If you have piriformis syndrome the soft tissues can become inflamed and the muscle can spasm.

If the muscle spasms it can compress the sciatic nerve and cause sciatica.

Your Osteopath will carry out an assessment to determine what is causing you symptoms.

If it is piriformis syndrome techniques are used to lengthen and relax the muscle and any associated musculoskeletal changes that have contributed or resulted from the piriformis syndrome.