What do patients think?

How confident are people in osteopaths?survey

A public perceptions survey was carried out by YouGov in April 2018.

Just over 1,000 members of the public and 500 patients who had visited an Osteopath in the previous year were surveyed.

Almost all the patients (95%) said they had confidence in receiving healthcare and treatment from Osteopaths.

The most important factors giving patients confidence in osteopaths were

• A recognised level of education and training

• Good quality advice and treatment

• Up-to-date knowledge and skills

For the broader public surveyed 50% have confidence in osteopaths.

The public place most their confidence in familiar healthcare professionals such as GP's, pharmacists and dentists.

They have least confidence in the less mainstream therapists such as acupuncturists and herbalists.

Movement patterns and joint restriction


Spinal function is controlled by muscles and the nervous system and is expressed by movement patterns and posture.

A movement pattern can be disturbed if for example your occupation requires you to do one-sided movements, phone, mouse work, digging, plastering and many more jobs can lead to muscle groups becoming unbalanced in our body.spine

The muscle imbalance disturbs the movement pattern. This in turn alters spinal function which then leads to joint restriction.

Another cause of joint restriction is nervous system reflex changes.

If a visceral organ is not working normally or is diseased it will send pain signals back to the spinal segment that supplies the organ.

These signals cause e reflex muscle spasm in the deep back muscles at that area of the spinal segment.

The muscle spasm interferes with normal joint movement and if the spasm last long enough a joint restriction is likely to occur.


Trauma is another cause of joint restriction.

A sudden or unexpected force causes the body to make an ill-balanced movement which injuries tissues and alters the normal function of an area.

When a restriction occurs without an injury history it may have been brought on by a restriction elsewhere.

If a restriction has altered the function of the spinal column other distant segments can become restricted.


Correct movement patterns allow our muscles to work ain a safe manor and will support the joints they are moving.


When this is happening the likelyhood of joint restrictions is diminished and so are the pain symptoms that accompany faulty movement patterns and joint restrictions.


To stop faulty movement patterns from developing do different activities outside of work to use your muscles and body in a different way from what they have been doing during a typical work day.


Start a fresh

Have a fresh start in January



January is a good time to sort out niggling problems that you have ignored during the busy build up to Christmas.

If you have a shoulder that has lost it s normal range of movement, or a back that hurts when you try to carry out certain actions. In fact, whatever the issue is don't keep ignoring it.

Start doing some gentle stretches.


Look at the way you have got used to standing, sitting and lifting.

Have you slipped into poor habits?

If you have tried to rectify the problemwith these simple actions but it has not  solved the problem, it is time to make an appointment with your Osteopath at Princes Avenue Osteopathic clinic.

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