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This week the New York Times ran an article titled ''The Secret to Good Health May Be a Walk in the Park''.a winter walk in the park

Minneapolis-St. Paul is ranked the healthiest urban region in the USA.

Minneapolis has the best overall access for the most people to well equipped and serviced public parks and recreation, so it is not surprising that it is also the healthiest region.

96% of the inhabitants live within a 10 - minute walk of a park.

This isn't surprising news but it is a little reminder to us all to brave the winter weather and get some regular exercise rather than hibernating all winter by driving everywhere and snuggling indoors too much.


Keeping active will improve both mental and physical well being.

Rounded shoulders part 2


In the last blog I gave an exercise to tighten muscles which will help to pull the shoulders back into position when they have fallen forwards.

However sometimes the muscles at the front have tightened or shortened and are pulling the shoulders forward.pectorals

The muscles that can do this are the pectoral muscles.

An exercise to stretch the pectoral muscle is the open doorway stretch:

Place the forearms flat against the door facings and step forward through the door.

Ensure you are not gripping the door frame as this will hinder the relaxation of the muscle which is needed for the exercise to be effective.

Step one leg forward and bend the knee as if you are doing a small lunge.

Keep looking straight ahead, avoiding the craning of the neck or looking down.

Lean the body forwards putting a stretch across the front of the chest.

Stretch as far as comfortable tension not pain then hold for a few seconds.

Hopefully you will feel a gradual release allowing you to stretch forwards a little more.

Rest for a couple of breathes then repeat.

The position of the fore arms is adjusted to put a stretch on different parts of the muscle.

The first arm position should have the hands level with the head, the second position is with the hands just above the level of the top of the head and the last position is with the hands higher so that the elbows are level with the head.

Rounded shoulders.

Rounded shoulders and increased curvature of the upper back is a common problem.upper back muscles

This can occur from daily sitting with the arms in front of the body. Typically, from driving and desk jobs.

It could also result from over training the chest muscles, pectorals, whilst ignoring the upper back muscles.

To correct this type of posture it is necessary to both strengthen the upper back muscles and to stretch the anterior chest.

How to strengthen the upper back.

Lay on your stomach.

Tuck the toes under so that the rest of the foot is not resting on the floor.

Place the hands palm down on the floor in line with the shoulders, making sure the shoulders are not hunched.

This is the starting position and the rest position.

Lift the belly button away from the floor.

Tense the buttock by squeezing and lift the knees off the floor keeping the toes on the floor.

This part of the exercise is important as it helps to stop the lower back muscles from being used.

Lift the head, hands and shoulders off the floor, but only by an inch or two.

Lifting the head and shoulder too high is bad for your back and will not work the upper back muscles which are the muscles that need to be worked.

The breathing pattern for this exercise is to breathe in as the stomach, buttock and thigh muscles tighten. Then lift the upper body on the out breath. Hold for a breath then lower and relax.

Repeat 6 or 8 times.


If your upper back is painful or you have a lot of shoulder tension Osteopathic treatment can help you.


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