You would think children and babies would be free of all structural strains and stresses but birth is a very stressful event for a baby.

The uterus (womb) strongly pushes and squeezes the baby as it has to turn and twist through the baby-osteopathy bony pelvis. The baby's head is able to change shape due to it's softness in order to get through the birth canal. As a result many babies are born with odd shaped heads.


In the first few days after birth these distortions normally release naturally as the baby suckles, cries and yawns.


Sometimes the stresses of the birth are not resolved and the baby has to accommodate and adapt to these strains and stresses as they grow. It may lead to the baby being uncomfortable and unhappy - crying, screaming, irritability repeatedly tapping their head on the cot.


Waking at the slightest noise,"jumpy". The tension on the bony and membranous casing of the skull keeps the baby's nervous system in a persistent alert state.


Having a lot of discomfort in the stomach -the nerve to the stomach starts in the brain and travels to the stomach it can get irritated by moulding strains at the base of the skull which can impair digestion. The diaphragm separating the chest and abdomen may have stress and tension in it which could lead to wind and food not being retained.


A fast or difficult birth can leave tension in the digestive system trapping wind and abdominal strains can occur from the umbilical cord if it is round the baby's neck for example.


Glue ear (otitis media) is a common childhood illness. To read my article on otitis media follow the link.


Osteopathy is a holistic treatment that is not primarily condition focussed. Osteopaths believe that mechanical imbalances in different areas of the body may contribute to discomfort and aggravate some of the common conditions that our patients present with.

Treatment is aimed at gently releasing and balancing areas of physical tension in order to return the body to a state of balance, in order to allow the body's own self healing ability to restore a balanced state of well-being and health.


Cranial osteopathy is used to release areas of mechanical stress. Cranial Osteopathy is a very gentle technique that will allow the body to make its own adjustments.


The Osteopath will not just work on the head, as the name cranial osteopathy implies, but will treat the whole body, it is termed cranial osteopathy because it was first formally taught in relation to the skull but works just as well for any part of the body.


Cranial osteopathy is a technique used in osteopathy for treating all ages, not just babies. To read more on cranial osteopathy follow the link.


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