Back Problems


Back pain could be the result of an injury either from a load that the back simply is not strong enough to cope with, or a slight movement with very little weight.


This latter cause of injury is often seen when multiple factors have made the back vulnerable to injury, maybe repetitive movements have tired the muscles or poor posture has weakened the natural support system of the spine.


Other causes of back pain may come from problems such as nerve impingement (trapped nerves), backachepoor posture or muscle spasm. Pain can also be referred to the back from other areas such as the pelvis and hip. Your Osteopath at Princes Avenue Osteopathic clinic will always examine any other areas which may be sending the pain to the low back so that an accurate and effective treatment can be given.


Exercises may help with the  back pain by following this link it will take you to my ' Back Exercises ' page.


Muscle spasm, ligament strain, joint stiffness, disc injuries and degenerative conditions such as arthritis are also common causes of lower back pain.


Many types of back pain  can be helped by Osteopathy. Before we start any treatment a diagnosis will be made, from the questions and tests that are carried out in the case history, to assess if your problem is suitable to treat using Osteopathy.


If you already know you have arthritis in your spine and would like some more information on your arthritis try the Arthritis Care charity website for useful tips. Osteopathy can sometimes reduce the pain caused by arithritis, (depending on how advanced the condition is) but it can never repair the damage already present.