stomach pain

Digestive Disorders


The body has connective tissues which link different parts of the body to each other.


This is one reason why one part of the body influences another, and if one area is not functioning well it can lead to pain and other symptoms in another area.


Nerve and blood supply will also connect our organs, (such as our stomachs and digestive colon, gut,) to other areas such as our spines. By improving how our spine can work (releasing stiffness between joints and tensions in the muscles moving those joints) Osteopaths can affect the connective tissues, nerves and blood flow to all parts of the body including the organs,(viscera).


The Osteopath will be changing the dynamics of how the visera (organs) work and this can help the function of, for example, the small and large intestines which could settle an irritable bowel.


There are many reasons why our viscera might need treatment. Childbirth, trauma and surgery are all common causes of visceral problems.


The Osteopaths at Princes Avenue Osteopathic Clinic have been trained in visceral Osteopathy.