Foot Pain


Our feet are subjected to stress and strain on a daily basis.


We squash them into ill fitting shoes, we walk and run on hard surfaces sometimes falling and twisting or jarring our feet. The misuse of the foot will lead to sore feet, swollen feet and worse.


A large percentage of the population have painfull feet and many of these can be corrected by proper assessment, treatment and foot care.


Injury in the foot and ankle can alter the way we walk and lead to stress on other joints causing knee pain, hip pain and back pain.


The foot and ankle are made up of many bones (28) and lots of ligaments, muscles and connective tissues. These help to propel the foot and allow shock absorption to occur. The foot must also provide a strong support base to maintain an upright posture with minimal muscle effort.


Changes in how these structures work with each and move with each other can be the cause of different sites of pain. Pain on top of the foot might occur if the foot cannot bend freely on the ankle.


Ball of the foot pain might occur if a metatarsal bone (on of the bones in our feet) has moved out of its correct position. Heel pain might be due to the achilles tendon or from plantar fascitis.


There are many causes of foot pain this is why it is important to have your foot assessed. Gout, diabetes, arthritis can all cause foot pain and need to recieve the correct medical care.


Your Osteopath will assess your foot and tell you if the problem should be seen by a doctor, podiatrist or if it is something that can be treated with Osteopathy.