Achilles Tendonitis

calf muscleAchilles Tendonitis

The tendon at the back of our heel is the Achilles tendon. If the tendon becomes inflamed it is called Achilles tendonitis.

This can happen when the calf muscle which is attached to the tendon is overused either by an increase of a sport such as running tennis or dancing or a change of surface this activity is carried out on or a change in the footwear that is worn.

The problem can sometimes occur in cyclists if their saddle is too low.

The main sign you will experience if you have this problem is pain over the tendon when you move the ankle especially with strenuous activity and it will be tender to touch.

Depending on the area of the tendon affected and the severity of the tendonitis will govern how effective conservative treatment will be.

Conservative treatment can include anti-inflammatory treatment, rest, ice, specific exercise regime (this can be provided by your Osteopath) or correction of foot imbalance if this is the cause.

Not all types of Achilles tendonitis will respond to these treatments and surgery may be needed. It should also be checked that the tendon has not ruptured as this could also require a surgical repair.