The cause of headaches can be cervicogenic (neck related) and can respond extremely well to Osteopathy treatment


Neck-painOsteopaths can release tensions in the spine and muscles which   can impinge (compress) nerves and blood vessels at the base of the skull that are often the cause of tension headache.


Tension or injury to the facial bones can reduce drainage from the sinuses. This can lead to sinus headache. Osteopaths can use cranial osteopathy to improve the drainage of the sinus and so help relieve sinus headache.


Tension headache will also respond well to neck and shoulder exercise which the Osteopath can show you. These exercises can reduce the muscle tension that can cause some headache and neck pain.


Occassionally acute pain in the neck can be caused by damage to the spine such as fracture or disc damage or pathology in the spine such as tumors this would require further investigations such as MRI scan etc to diagnose fully.


In general if a disc is damaged conservative treatment is the first course of action.


At Princes Avenue Osteopathy Clinic conservative treatment for Slipped Disc is offered. Please see our related Slipped Disc section for further information and advice.