Leg Pain

Princes Avenue Osteopath Clinic Chatham will diagnose your leg pain and treat it.


leg-painPain may occur in the leg for many reasons.


You may have pulled a muscle in the leg or sprained a ligament in your knee. These two examples would give pain over the injured sight, however, leg pain may be referred from other areas.


Back, hip, knee and ankle joints could all be the cause of the leg pain as could an injury such as a groin strain.


If a nerve is responsible for the pain it could cause pain to cover large areas of the whole leg and is sometimes accompanied by other symptoms such as burning, weakness or pins and needles.


Such symptoms can occur when you have a back injury that is putting pressure on a nerve. The pain will be felt in the leg, not the back.


Your Osteopath at Princes Avenue Osteopathic clinic will take a thorough case history and examine you to decide what is causing your leg pain.