Pain During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a time when a woman's body will undergo the largest amount of postural change.


During a normal 40 week pregnancy many parts of the body will have to change and adapt to the new physiological state of pregnancy and then return to their previous state afterwards. This involves the musculoskeletal, cardiorespiratory, digestive systems in fact every part of the body will change. The hormones produced during this time, relaxin and oestrogen help the body to undergo these changes but an Osteopath can encourage these changes to occur throughout the pregnancy.



Osteopathy can provide a safe and efficient way of dealing with the pain experienced during pregnancy. Some research claims that two thirds of pregnant women have some form of lowback or pelvic pain.


Weight and posture changes during and after pregnancy. As the baby grows the extra weight results in the mother's centre of gravity changing causing posture changes from week to week.


This can lead to low back pain, symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD)  neck, upper back or shoulder pain from breast weight changes. Osteopathy will help the body adapt to these changes.


With a baby on the way support information and opportunities to meet other local parents may help to smooth the transition into parenthood. There is a local charity set up to do just this. Follow our baby link.


Osteopathy has a supporting role for the minor problems that can occur during pregnancy. It does not replace the role of the midwife or the antenatal appointments. It is also important to have all the recommended blood tests and scans during the pregnancy.