Repetitive Strain Injury Treatment

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RSI is an injury brought on from working in an awkward or static posture for too long or repeated over a long period, or an injury that occurred from lifting incorrectly so that too much force was placed on the area.


Some jobs and working practises put too much force or weight on our joints, muscles and the nervous system. If the force is applied repeatedly not allowing time for the tissues to rest and recover the tissues can strain. This can occur with active or static force.


If we have an occupation that causes us to do the same actions for hours each working day such as using a mouse when working at a computer, driving in a car or lorry, lifting and laying bricks as a bricklayer would do for hours, then we could  become a victim of a repetitive strain.


If one area of our body is used repeatedly in the same way it can become stressed and cause pain. The injury could be anything from a  minor muscle strain to a severe injury like a prolapsed disc, (sometimes incorrectly termed a slipped disc).


How can Osteopathy help treat RSI?


An Osteopath can help you obtain relief from repetitive strain in a number of ways.


Firstly the Osteopath needs to understand what action has caused the injury. If it related to sitting posture or how your work equipment is positioned we might advise on ways to improve your work station or seating.


Your injury may have been due to lifting or bending so advise given would be relevant to you.


The Osteopath would then proceed to work manually to try to reduce the pain. This is often achieved by relaxing muscles and improving total body posture.

Lastly the Osteopath may also recommend you take short rest periods during work when you could carry out some simple exercises.


The exercises can help to re-establish a better posture to relieve the strained area and also stimulate the blood flow. This is important for removing toxins from tissues that build up when you have been in the same position for too long, it will also refresh the tired area.


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