sciatic nerve

Princes Avenue Osteopathic Clinic Chatham is here to help you with leg pain through sciatica treatment 


What is sciatica?


Sciatica is leg pain caused by the sciatic nerve.


Our nerves provide information from our brain and spinal cord to different parts of our body. This could be to an organ such as the liver or bladder or it could be to a muscle or area of the skin.


The back of our leg to the foot and various leg muscles get their information from (are innervated by) the sciatic nerve. If a nerve is injuried it will cause pain, if the injury is very severe no information can get along the nerve and this is called paralysis. Most nerve injury can repair and is not severe enough to cause paralysis.


If we have injured our lower back it will sometimes involve our sciatic nerve and so pain will travel down the route of the nerve and this is termed sciatica. Not all leg pain is called sciatica and there are many different causes of sciatica.