Tennis Elbow


tennis elbowIf you have pain on the outer aspect of your elbow and you have a job  which requires you to do alot of actions that straighten or extend the wrist or you have done alot of this movement during an activity, then you may have tennis elbow.


What is tennis elbow


Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis is inflammation and small tears of the muscles or tendons of the forearm that allow us to straighten our wrist.


These muscles and tendons all join together to attach onto the elbow at the same place, (the lateral epicondyle or outer side of the elbow).


If there has been repepitive or strenuous use of these muscles then small tears can occur, this leads to inflammation and pain whenever we do an action that uses the muscle.

Actions that might trigger the pain could be gripping a small object(holding a tennis racket and playing tennis), turning a key in a door or just straightening or bending your arm.


What should I do?


Your Osteopath will check that it is tennis elbow, there are different causes of elbow pain and the problem may not even be in the elbow.


If tennis elbow has been diagnosed the correct advise for healing of the injury will be given to you as well as improving surrounding structures that will aid in the recovery.