Sports Injuries


Exercise asks a lot more from our muscles, joints and ligaments than our usual lifestyle. Osteopathy can aid in the treatment of sports injuries


It is not surprising, possibly through fatigue or over exertion, that exercise in sport sometimes causes sports injuries.


A structured course of rehabilitation exercises to strengthen the weakened area or reduce the muscle spasm can help relieve the symptoms.


In Osteopathy the possible reasons for the sports injury is looked for in the technique used to perform the sport and rebalance muscular imbalances if they have occurred.


Read our true life example to see how Osteopathy can help.(The patients name has been changed to  protect patient confidentiality.)


athlete- running

'Jane is a 38yr old office worker who works out at the gym and is training to run in the London marathon.


She came to see an Osteopath because of left knee pain which starts if she tries to run more than 7 miles.


The pain moves to her hip and lower back causing too much pain to run and taking her breath away.


On observation the Osteopath finds an area in the back just below the rib cage that doesn't move very well.


This area has the diaphragm attaching to it. The diaphragm is an essential muscle in breathing and would explain 'the breath being taken away'.


This same area in the spine also caused muscles in the left hip and muscles connecting the hip to the knee to be over worked. 7 miles was the point at which the stress on the muscles caused too much pain to carry on.'


After the patient recieved a course of treatment to increase the movement in the restricted area of the spine and carried out simple exercises to enforce the treatment the patient was able to complete the London marathon without any major problems.