Shin Splints Treatment

If you play lots of sport or exercise, particularly if you are a runner then you may have encountered shin splints.


Shin splints, or medial tibial stress syndrome as it is sometimes called is lower leg pain, specifically the inner front section between the knee and foot. the pain is brought on by exercise.


There are other causes of shin pain which should be ruled out. For example if the pain is on the outer aspect of the shin it may be due to another condition called compartment syndrome. There could also be a stress fracture, muscle strain or infection etc.


What should I doshin pain


Shin splints are an over use injury so rest is the main treatment. This can be very hard to do if you love your sport, but you can still exercise, just avoid weightbearing sports and opt for swimming or cycling untill your symptoms go.


A cold pack and raising the leg may limit pain and inflammation. Having the foot raised with a pillow even in bed when you are lying helps to reduce any swelling.


Check your shoes, badly fitting shoes may have contributed to the problem. Also look for unequal wear as this might mean you are over-pronating your foot as you run, this can also contribute to the problem, a special insole might be required.


Shock absorbing insoles should be worn in all your footwear.


An Osteopath can check that you are suffering from shin splints. If it is compartment syndrome deep massage can help.